who are we

German Emco is one of the leading companies in the field of pest and rodent control, Its most important characteristic is the speed in responding to customers, And the use of the finest pesticides that are safe for the health of the family.

"Emco" exterminates all kinds of insects and rodents, Its services include:

Follow the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, And the World Health Organization with regard to pesticides used in spraying, Methods of disinfection and sterilization after extermination.


Extermination of insects and rodents permanently, because we know how dangerous they are to human health.


Emco provides pest and rodent control services. And disinfection and sterilization of the emerging corona virus for various parties, including:

Houses, villas and palaces.

Companies and commercial establishments.

Great restaurants and hotels.

Stores and shops.


The cheapest prices for pest control in Egypt.

24-hour customer service.

3 years warranty.

Pesticides without pungent odor.

The most skilled and most efficient engineers and workers specialized in extermination, disinfection and sterilization


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IMCO company statistics

Emco is known as the best pest extermination company in Egypt

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