Question and Answer

Emco uses odorless and hygienic safe for all family members or pets, So you can stay at home and not leave it while spraying or after it's finished.

The cost of spraying and exterminating insects varies, calculating the area of the building and the number of rooms, And the services provided, whether spraying only or include disinfection and sterilization.

German pest control company Emco provides a 3-year warranty.

If you notice any strange insects in the house, you should do the following: Determine the type of insect and the places in which it is located. Contact our pest control department, And clarify the title. Cooperate with our team when it arrives and follow all the instructions it shows.

Pay close attention to the cleanliness of floors, dishes and rooms.
Get rid of trash quickly and consistently, Do not leave it indoors for a long time.
Close food containers well.
Close all openings that may allow insects to escape.
Dry surfaces and floors and not leave water for a long time on them.

The German company Emco uses the best types of pesticides and the latest methods to control insects, With a warranty of up to 3 years on all services.

Mice should be exterminated as soon as they appear because they transmit dangerous diseases such as plague, typhus, and food poisoning.

Emco eliminates all types of insects such as cockroaches, bedbugs, moths, wood weevils and ticks, It is one of the leading companies in the field of extermination of insects and rodents in Egypt, It uses healthy and odorless materials, It offers you a comprehensive warranty of 3 years.

There is no specific time a company can take to spray the house, Where the time is determined based on the number of rooms and the total area, You have the right to agree to the specified period or refuse the service if it is not appropriate.