Wood mite extermination

Wood weevils are among the most dangerous insects not to human health, but to the wood itself. Because it feeds on wood of all kinds, Thus, you will notice the damage to the furniture within a short period of time, And you have to replace it with a new one.

How do we eliminate wood mites in IMCO?

A specialized team of engineers and workers in EMCO visits the house or facility to identify the affected wood, Then the following steps are taken:

We determine the amount of pesticide needed to eliminate the amount of wood mites that have been confirmed.

We leave the place for a while and then come back the next day to make sure that there are no infected places.

We clean and disinfect all areas that have been sprayed with pesticides. until it is completely clean.

Our team disinfects the entire home or building, Including walls, floors and furniture.

We organize a periodic follow-up of the place to make sure that the infection does not return again.

Why choose “EMCO” wood mite extermination company?

Emco, the best pest control company in Egypt, has many advantages that make it your first choice, Most notably:

We rely on the best and most skilled workers ever.

We use the best pesticides, And the safest for human health.

We use the latest tools and equipment to permanently eradicate wood mites.

Competitive prices compared to other pest extermination companies in Egypt.

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