extermination of ticks

If you suffer from a tick infestation in your home, company, restaurant, or any facility with pets or located near agricultural land, You must contact us immediately at Emco to permanently exterminate the insect, And prevent its invasion of more places.
The German company “EMCO” for pest control is distinguished by using the latest technology to combat ticks, The pesticides used do not cause any health damage to humans. Especially as it is authorized by the Ministry of Health.
The fastest tick extermination company
Emco is the fastest and best company to permanently eradicate ticks. It sends a specialized team trained to deal with all kinds of insects, It offers a 3-year guarantee on all its control services.
The company follows all instructions issued by the Ministry of World Health. It guarantees you the highest level of hygiene, disinfection and sterilization.
Organize a new visit to the sprayed areas to ensure that the tick is completely eradicated and does not return again.
Cost of tick extermination service
IMCO offers discounted prices and competitive offers to all its customers, Especially if you own large areas. All you have to do is contact us now. Our representatives will respond to all inquiries related to prices, preparations and the type of pesticides used. And other details.

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