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There are many types of termites, All of them seriously damage the home. You may have to hire a termite extermination company. before it destroys your property.
Termites begin to live inside the wood of the house and feed on it. And if it is not controlled, it moves to the walls,
One of the signs of the presence of termites is the presence of small cracks and holes in the wood, In addition to the strange sounds of hollow wood, And the presence of wings for ants near doors or windows.
Why is Emco the best termite extermination company?
The German company “EMCO” has the latest equipment and pesticides capable of getting rid of termites in the fastest time, In addition to a team trained to eliminate various types of insects.
The chemicals we use do not represent any harm to the health of the people in the house, permanently eradicate termites, All places are disinfected.
Our team is committed to following safety and security standards, Providing complete disinfection and sterilization services for homes, companies and institutions.
termite extermination cost
Termite control prices vary according to the area of the place to be sprayed. and the time taken for disinfection and sterilization, In addition to the number of workers who carry out the tasks of combating and extermination in your home.
Emco offers competitive prices for extermination of all types of insects, For an unparalleled service across all governorates of Egypt.

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