Extermination of mice and lizards

Extermination of mice and geckos

Do you suffer from the infestation of mice and geckos in your home or any facility you own? We are in German Emco the cheapest insect control company, We offer a complete and final extermination service for all types of reptiles, and get rid of mice and geckos as soon as possible، At very little cost.

The danger of geckos is the diseases they transmit, especially when they come on exposed food. While rats cause a lot of health risks and complications if they bite a person, or coexistence within the space, Where her feces transmit many diseases, In addition to its foul smell.

To protect your home or facility, You have to contact us in the German “IMCO”, the best rat and gecko extermination company in Cairo, To get rid of all the reptiles that you suffer from, It prevents its reproduction.

Why choose “Emco” to exterminate geckos or mice?

Here are a set of factors that push you to choose Emco as the best pest and rodent control company in Egypt:

We appoint a group of experts and specialists in the field of pest and rodent control.

Our control staff is trained to use the latest methods and the best types of pesticides in Egypt.

We reach all Egyptian governorates as soon as possible, We offer our services at competitive prices.

We rank as the best sterilization and disinfection company over the past years.

We guarantee that mice or geckos will never return, And we offer you a 3-year warranty if you order it.

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