extermination of flies

extermination of flies

Flies are among the most annoying types of insects. Especially since he refuses to leave the rooms and stays there for long hours. Diseases are easily transmitted in the presence of uncovered foods or drinks. And because we know it’s a nuisance to you, We get rid of it permanently using the best methods that represent a comprehensive and definitive control system.

What is the danger of flies to health?

Flies are attracted to areas where dirt accumulates. It tends to stop on spoiled foods or stools, It is transferred from it to foods that contain sugary substances in order to feed on them. Therefore, it transmits diseases easily. And causes many health risks related to pain and disorders of the digestive system.

How does “Emco” exterminate flies?

Emco, the best insect control company in Egypt, follows a set of steps that help exterminate flies permanently, The most important of them are:

Determine the type of flies and the places they feed on, In addition to identifying breeding places.

The company uses the best and most effective insecticides to get rid of flies.

A specialized team sprays all places where flies accumulate, Then clean it completely.

Why EMCO is the best fly extermination company in Egypt?

It has a long experience in exterminating all kinds of insects, including flies.

Quick response to any facility without having to wait long for insects to be removed.

Follow health and safety standards, especially in restaurants, factories and food establishments.

It provides its services to all Egyptian governorates.

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