extermination of ants

extermination of antsIn some places such as restaurants, hotels or factories, ants may become a big and annoying problem that harms business, and we at German “Imco” are the best and cheapest insect extermination company in Egyptر، We offer you all the necessary solutions to get rid of various types of insects, Because we know how much damage you face.

Why are there ants in abundance in some places?

Ants live in large groups, It is easy to be located anywhere for several factors, most notably high temperatures, Or spread leftovers on floors or tables, Despite its small size, it sometimes causes strong bites, especially in insect allergy sufferers who suffer a lot from ants, especially in the summer.

Ants spread in some places that are a good shelter for them, Most notably, the openings in the walls, window frames, as well as gardens, floors, And near the places of accumulation of garbage.

Why “Emco” is the best ant extermination company?

Emco has many years of experience in combating all kinds of insects, including ants. They are characterized by:

It includes a trained and specialized team of the highest efficiency in confronting and controlling insects.

Uses the finest types of pesticides that do not cause health damage to your family.

Covering all governorates of Egypt.

Provides all sterilization and disinfection services for various buildings and facilities.

How does “Emco” exterminate ants?

A team of our specialists organizes an initial visit to the place to identify the type of ants, and the extent of its spread.

The correct methods that can be used to exterminate ants are identified, Either by spraying or using fixed bait.

After completing the extermination of ants, The place is completely sterilized.

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