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Moths are harmful insects that cause damage to wood in the home or company. And found them in large numbers inside the building may cause serious damage to the building, And in case you notice its spread, please immediately contact us at “EMCO”, the best dementia company in Cairo.
Because they cause damage to the furniture and walls of the house as a result of feeding on cellulose, You cannot get rid of them on your own without the help of a pest control company. Which uses the right insecticides to eliminate them permanently.
Moths exist in the form of colonies with very large numbers, Which makes exterminating them difficult for ordinary people, Especially with the use of insecticides that may not be suitable to eliminate them, It causes health damage to family members.
The best moth extermination company in Egypt
There are many companies specialized in extermination of insects in Egypt, But the German company “Imco” is the best and fastest to permanently eliminate moths, It is characterized by:
A specialized team trained at the highest level to combat all types of insects.
Using harmless, hygienic insecticides that completely eliminate moths.
Providing all sterilization and disinfection services after spraying, whether for homes or large institutions.
Using the latest means and machines to spray pesticides even in small, hard-to-reach places.
Organizing periodic visits to ensure that the place is clean and that insects do not return again.
3-year warranty on pest control services.

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