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Fleas spread easily in places where pets such as cats and dogs are, They feed mainly on the blood of animals. It may cause his death at times.
The danger of fleas to humans is that they feed on his blood. and leave visible stinging marks, It can transmit serious diseases, Especially as it easily penetrates the skin, And they multiply so quickly that you may not be able to control them on your own.
The fastest flea extermination company in Egypt
If you own a home, a farm, or any place where fleas are infested, you must contact us immediately at Emco, the fastest flea control company in Egypt, Because we are eliminating it completely, We guarantee the protection of all kinds of animals you own.
Our flea control operations go through several steps:
Visit the place and examine it completely to identify the whereabouts of fleas.
The use of effective and fast pesticides to permanently get rid of fleas, and achieve the highest level of quality and disinfection.
Full sterilization of the place, And clean pets without causing any harm to them.
Organizing another home inspection visit, And making sure that there are no insects that call for spraying again.
Why choose “Emco” for extermination of insects?
The EMCO team works in complete silence without causing any inconvenience to your family.
The company uses pesticides approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, It does not represent any danger to human or animal health.
We achieve complete extermination of fleas in the fastest time.
You do not need to leave the house or move furniture outside.
We offer competitive offers and prices to major institutions when contracting for the first time.

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