Extermination of mice and geckos

Do you suffer from the infestation of mice and geckos in your home or any facility you own? We are in German Emco the cheapest insect control company, We offer a complete and final extermination service for all types of reptiles, We will get rid of mice and

exterminate bugs

Bed bugs cause severe inconvenience to housewives or owners of hotels and hospitals. Because it multiplies very quickly, It cannot be controlled by conventional methods. It requires strong pesticides. Some rooms are closed for a while until they are completely clean of it.

cockroach extermination

The service of extermination of cockroaches is finally one of the most important services provided by the company "Emco" for pest control, Because she believes in the danger of crawling insects to the health of individuals in the home, And the damage caused by cockroaches

exterminate ants

In some places such as restaurants, hotels, or factories, ants may become a major and annoying problem that harms commercial activity. We, in German "EMCO", are the best and cheapest pest extermination company in Egypt. We offer you all the necessary solutions to get rid of various types

extermination of ticks

If you suffer from a tick infestation in your home, company, restaurant, or any facility with pets or located near agricultural land, You must contact us immediately at Emco to permanently exterminate the insect, And prevent its invasion of more places.

mite extermination

Wood weevils are among the most dangerous insects not to human health, but to the wood itself. Because it feeds on wood of all kinds, Thus, you will notice the damage to the furniture within a short period of time, And you have to replace it with a new one.

exterminate dementia

Moths are harmful insects that cause damage to wood in the home or company. And found them in large numbers inside the building may cause serious damage to the building, If you notice its spread, please contact us immediately

flea extermination

Fleas spread easily in places where pets such as cats and dogs are, They feed mainly on the blood of animals. It may cause his death at times. The danger of fleas to humans is that they feed on his blood

extermination of flies

Flies are among the most annoying types of insects. Especially since he refuses to leave the rooms and stays there for long hours. Diseases are easily transmitted in the presence of uncovered foods or drinks. And because we know it's a nuisance to you, We get rid of it permanently using the best

extermination of white ants

There are many types of termites, All of them seriously damage the home. You may have to hire a termite extermination company. before it destroys your property. Termites begin to coexist inside the wood of the house and feed on it, and in the absence of control it moves to the walls,

extermination of scorpions

Because we use pesticides approved by the Ministry of Health, and we organize periodic follow-up visits to customers, to ensure that scorpions do not return again, and to provide the greatest comfort and reassurance for you and your family.

extermination of snakes

The German company Emco is the fastest and best solution to exterminate and permanently get rid of snakes, Because we use pesticides and serums that help combat all types of snakes, We organize periodic follow-ups for our clients to be reassured. And they can spend their time in comfort and reassurance without fear or anxiety.

extermination of mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are unpleasant and cause severe pain and itching for children and adults. In the event that mosquitoes are present in polluted places, It is able to transmit diseases easily, Its bites may be accompanied by severe allergies or high temperatures. When you notice the spread of mosquitoes in abundance, You must immediately contact the IMCO team.