Disinfection and sterilization

Disinfection and sterilization

We at Emco were able during the recent period to disinfect and sterilize hundreds of homes in Egypt against the emerging corona virus, Whether to prevent the virus or after the recovery of infected cases, Where our experts use the best sterilization materials and the latest methods to disinfect the roofs of homes, villas, companies, institutions and various buildings.

We believe you deserve a virus and germ free place. and safe for your health, Therefore, we undertake all disinfection and sterilization work by scientific methods in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization regarding the emerging corona virus.

What are the most common places where viruses accumulate, especially Corona?

The new corona virus lives on surfaces for many days, And among the most attractive places for the virus because it is used frequently:

  • Tables and chairs.
  • door handles.
  • bathrooms.
  • Lighting switches.
  • Remote controls.
  • Kids Games.

German Emco home sterilization company

We provide high-level sterilization services to ensure the health of your family members and protect them from infection with the emerging corona virus, The disinfection and sterilization processes go through the following steps:

Remove all dust and dirt stuck to surfaces, floors, door handles, furniture and lamps, windows and upholstery.

After the cleaning is completed, disinfectants and sterilizers approved by the Ministry of Health or the Environment are used to eliminate viruses and germs.

We follow all WHO instructions regarding disinfection and sterilization of surfaces.

We dry the surfaces after sterilization, It is possible to return to the house within a quarter of an hour after the completion of the disinfection and sterilization operations.